Multipurpose 7″ Sports Training Cones in Yellow (Set of 12) Soft and Durable Traffic Cones – Ideal Equipment for Soccer, Football, Basketball, Other Sports and Activities

USD 15.99

  • DURABLE AND PLIABLE plastic that doesn't crack when hit or stepped on.
  • FADE RESISTANT, bright yellow color is highly visible on grass and most other surfaces.
  • STURDY, wind-resistant design with rounded edges and enough weight (62-64g each) to stay put.
  • Ideal SPORTS TRAINING EQUIPMENT for drills, agility training and speed training, both indoor and outdoors.
  • Perfect for ANY SPORT and numerous other activities, such as soccer, football, basketball, games, parties, events, kids play, bicycle obstacle course, motorcycle training, dog training, horse training and much, much more.

The Made4Sports 7" sports training cones are a great addition to your soccer training equipment and can take a beating every time they are used, whether from a flying ball, an accidental kick or little feet jumping on them on purpose!

These cones are durable, yet pliable and heavy enough to stay put in wind. They were designed to last for a long time without the need for replacements.

With this set of twelve, 7-inch cones, you can expect:

• Quality
• A durable product that lasts
• A product manufactured from a crack-resistant, soft plastic material
• A product that is pliable yet sturdy enough that will retain its shape and heavy enough to stay put on the field.
• Enough yellow cones in one set to do many types of drills

These are great for both kids and adults, various sports and games. So whether you are looking for soccer training cones or planning games for an event or a party, these can get the job done.

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